Fequently Asked Questions


How to get started

1. Sign up on our website

2. Sign up with our recommended credit monitoring services. This is a service outside of our company free for 14 days then $19.99 a month.

3. We will forward all start-up documents over for your approval thru your secure client portal.

4. Upload requested information

5. Choose package

6. Set up payment arrangements

**** As a courtesy we will offer you a brief free consultation before rendered services ( ask us how)

How long does it take

Most credit restoration process plans can take anywhere to 6-12 months. The process varies from clients to client depending on how much damage that the consumer has previously done to the credit profile. We often have consumer requesting services that have made attempts to try and do this process themselves. By law we must inform you that you can attempt to do credit restoration yourself. However you may not have the success that your are looking for. Credit restoration can be very tedious when attempting to do this on your own. That is why we are here to help you every step of the way.

Credit Score

Your credit score consist of many different entities. That is why over 85% percent of consumers suffer from credit issues. We have many years of knowledge of how creditors will view your credit profile. That is why we give our clients an awesome plan to help raise the credit score. We advise our clients not to deviate from the plan in order to achieve the best results. Weather you are looking to purchase a car. home or if you are in a interest trap or  just looking to get the score you have always desired we can. help.


We love to be informative to our clients and members. We encourage you to look us up on the Better Business Bureau and our social media page. Just type in our main number (800) 806-9148 in a google search bar and you will have instant access to our creditable business information. 


When we contact the credit bureaus on your behalf, They have 30 days to complete there process and a additional 15 days to inform you of the results. We offer permanent deletions. Our strategy is always implemented for the best interest of the client  or member. We value our clients. We have integrity within our company at all times.